Our Purpose


Heatily is committed to providing the highest of quality, organic sauces for spicy food lovers who value sustainable business practices, local farmers and a passion for palate curiosity. 
Heatily and its suppliers have intentionally devised sustainable agricultural methods that encourage conservation, reuse and recycling throughout each product's lifeline.
We aim to captivate and inspire our heat lovers to try new flavors, get a taste for foreign cultures, and enjoy the deliciousness that life has to offer.


Bonded by a love for flavor, our long-term vision is to empower small farmers around the world to what they do best while gaining access to distribution channels to which they wouldn't otherwise have access. Let's share our culture, our food and our memories- together.

The World!

Rooted together in food and in love, we can leave this earth a little better than we found it, through compassion and curiosity. Let's explore flavor, produce sustainably, and support one another in one, united kind yet spicy community.